breather valves

Type 1113R

The 1113R series of combined pressure and vacuum relief breather valves is mainly fitted to tanks and silos and will activate in the event of both excessively high pressure and excessively low pressure in the tank or silo. A feature of this model is the side outlet that enables harmful gases to be discharged into a closed system. That makes the valve ideal for an indoor installation or for water treatment tanks.

The 1113R valve can be set for opening pressures of 2.5 to 350 mbar.

Type 1113R breather valves are made of aluminum as standard, and are also available in 304 or 316 stainless steel on request. The connecting flanges can be made in accordance with both DIN EN1092-1 and ANSI B16.5 lbs150 standards.

The table below shows some standard valve dimensions. The breather valve can be adapted to the specific requirements for the application as desired. All our valves fall under the category of normal directly operating weight-loaded safety valves according to AD 2000 Merkblatt A2.

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