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Breetec to take a high profile at Solids Rotterdam

Solids Rotterdam is the leading trade fair for bulk treatment and transport. As the ‘King of Breather Valves’ and a specialist in complex mechanical steel components, Breetec will be right at home there. The trade fair (www.easyfairs.com/nl/solids-pumps-valves-2019 ) will be held on 2 & 3 October at Ahoy Rotterdam, with over 250 exhibitors and a […]
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Breetec’s new style now in a new site too

‘Our Family Tree is made of Metal’, the slogan and logo that are already proudly displayed on our company vehicles, is now making its debut on a virtual showcase. But the new site is much more than just a successful (even if we do say so ourselves) image makeover. It reflects the new corporate reality. […]
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