Breetec’s new style now in a new site too

News - 27/09/2019

‘Our Family Tree is made of Metal’, the slogan and logo that are already proudly displayed on our company vehicles, is now making its debut on a virtual showcase. But the new site is much more than just a successful (even if we do say so ourselves) image makeover.

It reflects the new corporate reality. For example, did you know that Breetec’s breather valves are present on almost every continent? They are mainly used in Europe and North America for silos and storage tanks in the biogas and chemical industry. Although they are renowned for their superior reliability and long service life, the valves still need maintenance. This is provided by Breetec from As, from where spare parts are also shipped and service activities on the customer’s site are coordinated.

The new site is therefore broken down into three sections: Mechanical Projects – our engineering and metal production as before – with Breather Valves and Valve Services as separate sections, in order to fully tap the opportunities in the valve sector.

Is Breetec starting down a new path with this? No, because engineering, metal production, and assembly remain Breetec’s beating heart within Mechanical Projects. We also continue to adhere to the values that have made us great: staff training, quality of work, and safety in the workplace. However, Breetec’s image as an all-round player in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel with highly-skilled and well-trained people is brought into sharper focus.

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