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We are metal experts …

  • 13 TUV prototype tests
  • Setup test 0-500 mbar for excess pressure and vacuum
  • Leak test with computer recording and certificate
  • ATEX certificate
  • ISO 9001 quality system to guarantee consistently high quality
  • EN 1090 FPC 2+ certification by Vinçotte
  • VCA*

Service & spare parts

Service on location and inhouse

Avoid any hitches or faults – however unlikely – by using Breetec Valve Services.

We come to your site.

  • Train and advise your technicians on-site.
  • Integrity check: valves must be inspected regularly to ensure they are working correctly, even if they are in operation.
  • Complete overhaul or repair of the valve. From dismantling and decommissioning, in-house overhaul, pressure test using a mobile test installation, to assembly. With reports and technical certificates, of course.

The benefits of proper maintenance of (breather) valves are obvious: prevention of accidents, damage to installations, environmental harm, preventing production downtime, and breakdowns etc. Secure these benefits at a predictable and very affordable price.

Contact us for pricing on spare parts and overhaul/repair. Breetec Valve Services will submit an accurate and reliable quote.

Always the right parts

We use our own people to carry out testing with certified equipment, and to package and organize the shipment of valves and spare parts. Breetec uses the unique serial number of each (breather) valve to ensure that these services are provided correctly straight away, ruling out any errors due to the wide variation in set pressure and possible materials.

Breetec Valve Services can supply the following parts:

  • Gaskets: only OEM gaskets guarantee that the valve closes properly and prevent leaks.
  • Calibrated valve covers: Breetec supplies complete valve covers consisting of the shaft, the gasket, the weight, and the bolts. The complete set is calibrated for the correct pressure resistance of the valve.
  • Miscellaneous parts: if the breather valve is damaged, Breetec can supply every OEM part individually.
  • Spare valves: to replace old valves. They can also be used during the overhaul or repair of existing valves to prevent any production downtime.

Research & Development

Breetec has a wide range of standard breather valves and also designs many custom valves tailored to the usage specifications. Breetec manages all aspects of the process in-house, from design and detailed engineering to the actual production. All valves produced by Breetec are tested on a test bench.

Breetec’s breather valves are used around the world by leading companies in industries such as chemistry, food, plastics processing, and biogas.