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Project approach


Engineering work comprises in the first instance a preliminary study, a concept study and a 3D model. You see the result in 3D CAD models. In complex situations where ordinary measurements involve too much scope for error, Breetec will scan the environment with a 3D scanner, which enables us to implement even the most difficult projects to perfection.

Static calculations

Static calculations by Breetec guarantee the stability and suitability of the design for the intended use. These calculations are performed in accordance with Eurocode 3.

Welding Engineer

Welding work at Breetec is coordinated by qualified welding engineers (JWE) who are able to make the appropriate choices and carry out quality checks and inspections.

Design & build

You can also call on us for the preparatory work on your site, the assembly of the installation, or dismantling of old structures. We have a track record of assembly work in a wide variety of industries: chemical, petrochemicals, automotive, food & beverage, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical etc.

Breetec enjoys an outstanding reputation for producing mechanical components such as platforms, conveyor belts and screw conveyors, filter housings, pipework for pneumatic transport, hoppers, and mechanical components that are used in the chemical, plastics, and food industries.

  • The successful implementation of (complex) industrial projects demands time, specialist people, and expertise: three big things your business may not have at the moment.
  • Breetec is renowned for its ability to deliver complex projects to perfection, combining methods and materials.
  • Our dedicated team of assembly specialists can offer a full range of on-site assembly services.
  • We inspect and maintain industrial installations – because, in industry too, prevention is better than cure. You can keep a step ahead of problems thanks to regular inspections of your machinery. We tailor our maintenance contracts entirely to your needs.
  • We work with well-trained teams and provide training in the workplace.